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RealityFlythrough is a telepresence/tele-reality system that works in the dynamic, uncalibrated environments typically associated with ubiquitous computing. By opportunistically harnessing networked mobile video cameras, it allows a user to remotely and immersively explore a physical space. Live 2d video feeds are situated in a 3d representation of the world.  Rather than try to achieve photorealism at every point in space, we instead focus on providing the user with a sense of how the video streams relate to one another spatially. By providing cues in the form of dynamic transitions, we can approximate photorealistic telepresence while harnessing cameras “in the wild.”


RealityFlythrough gives a new look to first-person video

RealityFlythrough-style transitions produce a compelling visualization for low bitrate first-person video streams.  So compelling, in fact, that some users in our study preferred this visualization over standard video because it minimizes the "Blaire Witch Project", nauseating feel of first-person video.  More information can be found in our paper:

A Robust Abstraction for First-Person Video Streaming: Techniques, Applications, and Experiments

Example videos of our visualization can be found here.

Ubicomp '05 video ready for download

This is the video that will be shown at Ubicomp '05.  The material is very similar to what was presented at Mobisys.

 An Abstraction for Ubiquitous Video
wm9 (350MB) wm9 (50MB) mpg2(450MB)

Interview on the RobCast

Rob Shields interviews Neil on the RobCast.  The RoBlog entry is here.  The interview is here (~45 mins, ~21MB).

A new video based on the Mobisys talk is available for download

A rough draft of a video that parallels my Mobisys talk is now available.  It is only 8 minutes long so the material in the talk had to be compressed quite a bit.

An Abstraction for Ubiquitous Video
wm9 (50 MB)

RealityFlythrough partners with WIISARD

WIISARD works closely with the San Diego Metropolitan Medical Stricke Team (MMST).  The partnership give us access to real disaster drills for testing RealityFlythrough.


An Abstraction for Ubiquitous Video
Ubicomp '05
wm9 (350MB) wm9 (50MB) mpg2(450MB)


Tele-Reality in the Wild
UbiComp '04
wm9 (110MB), real (99MB), mpg2 (209MB)

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